Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fiji house rafts, 1900s

railway theme CD cover

The cover of The Calling by Camino Palermo (2001), presumably where the photo was taken.

your car is not a maintenance-free machine

This article on the stuff website a couple of days ago reveals that a high proportion of motorists don't bother with basic maintenance such as changing oil and filters and general tuning.  The consequences are much faster rates of wear and deterioration - and higher fuel consumption, so it is false economy.  Unbelievably up to a quarter also ignore low oil warning lights.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bartlesville Union Depot, Oklahoma

a Santa Fe passenger train in the 1940s
Completed in 1909 and remodeled in 1946, this station experienced the universal slow decline of passenger traffic after WW2 and hasn't seen a passenger train for over 40 years.  But the station still exists, now used for other purposes. There are still freight trains to Bartlesville, now operated by shortline railroad WATCO.  More info and pics on this webpage

His Majesty needs more men for his army, WW1

Well, the initial volunteers were mostly slaughtered so more men are needed.  As long as you're between 19 and 40 (or you're an old soldier up to 45) and are over 5'2" (1.57 metres) you'll do. You'll actually get paid while you're alive and in the likely event that you're killed the wife will get a separation allowance for 26 weeks and then a pension - so what are you waiting for?

South Australian Railways 710 class 2-8-2

A postcard issued by the ARHS (South Australia) showing one of the class of 10 (road numbers 710-719) with a passenger train between Ambleside and Bridgewater, possibly just before it was withdrawn in 1967.

The locos were built by SAR's Islington workshops for 5'3" gauge in 1929: 176 tons total weight; 75'7.75" (23.06 metres) length overall; 57" (1.48 metre) drivers, 2 cylinders 22" (0.56 metres) (diameter) x 28 inches (0.71 metres) (stroke); tractive effort 40,400 lbs (179.7 kN).

Devon trawlers poster scene, 1950s

Advertising travel by British Railways.

better farming train, Victoria, Australia, 1920s

Seen in Mildura, 1926.
As the name suggests, this was an agricultural demonstration train which toured the state of Victoria from 1924 to 1935, based on one in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, to promote better farming practices. It was the first of two agricultural demonstration trains to run in Australia.

'is there a transpress nz book on the shelf?'

sheepskin car seat covers advert, 1969

A good NZ product; the ones available today are more sophisticated and luxurious.