Monday, October 24, 2016

Nelson wharves, pre-WW1

For more, see the book Strait Crossing

'The car of the Future' 1950

They almost got it right, except that in a few years from then the type of embellishments shown at the front made it to the rear. Pic from the Retrospace blog

maritime activity at Königsberg, Germany, circa 1920

Now Kaliningrad in Russia.  For more, see earlier posts.

Granity on the West Coast a century ago

The West Coast of the South Island that is.  None of the railway infrastructure remains, except the main railway line.  See the earlier post on the Millerton coal incline.

Great Indian Peninsula Railway 10-wheeler

"It could almost be Britain," you say, and apart from the track broad gauge this scene could. See earlier posts.

in time for Halloween - an 'allahu akbar' pumpkin

With people jittery over Muslim bombs, we don't suggest actually doing this.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Brussels to Paris electrification poster, 1963

It says 3 hours by ordinary train, 2 hr 35 minutes by a TEE train.  This shows a SNCB series 150 electric locomotive of which there were 5, designed for dual DC voltage, 1.5 kV and 3 kV plus 25 kV AC - info and pics

'I like to read a transpress nz book in my garden'

NZR poster featuring Hanmer Springs

It's a bit ambiguous what the man is announcing he's back from; as well as hot springs, Hanmer Springs was the site of a well-known alcoholics rehabilitation hospital, Queen Mary, which finally closed in 2003. The Canterbury District Health Board then said it was going to put it on the market, but in 2010 said it was donating the buildings to the local council.

You couldn't get to Hanmer Springs by rail; the closest station was the end of the Waiau branch, but Culverden would have been the station for a change to a bus.

For lots more see our books, in particular New Zealand Railway Memorabilia.

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Bedfords at the Tearooms, circa 1960

A scene at Morere Hot Springs north of Nuhaka on the road between Napier and Gisborne; a Bedford truck supplying Peter Pan icecream (a brand which lasted from 1939 to the 1990s, info) and a Bedford SB with Duple Vega styling -- which operator?