Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dick Smart on a BMW Isetta, 1950s

"How about giving me a hand to fix this thing?"
"Not now, I'm practicing my singing"

If Dick Smart looked silly on one, policemen in this BMW Isetta 250 must have been a cause for merriment by crims...

NZR Dsc class shunter, Auckland wharves, 1964

A British Thomson-Houston built Bo-Bo type shunting (switching) loco from 1959 is seen with tank cars on the former run between Auckland wharves along Quay Street to the main Auckland railyard.  For more, see our books.

ore train from Mt Newman enters Port Hedland, Western Australia

A distance of 426 km (264.7 miles). See earlier posts.

ships at the end of Wellington Street, Picton, circa 1910

For details, see the book Strait Crossing by Vic Young.

1935 Beck bus advert

'I keep my transpress nz books under lock and key'

metre-gauge in the Corrèze, France

steam train crossing a railcar in St Bonnet Avalouze, 1959

The metre-gauge network of the Tramway de la Corrèze "d'intérêt local" was inaugurated in 1913 and lasted till New Year's Day 1960; it comprised three distinct lines.  More on this website

The 95 km system of the PO-Corrèze or POC was another metre-gauge network established in the département, conceded to the Compagnie du Chemin de fer de Paris à Orléans (P.O) - after the beginning of 1938 the SNCF - and built by the Société de construction des Batignolles. The network, which opened in 1904 and closed in 1970, was centred on Tulle.

Setra bus on Nufenen Pass, Switzerland

This is the second highest mountain pass (2,478 metres or 8,130 ft) with a paved road within Switzerland, after the Umbrailpass, although the scenery seems an unwanted distraction for this promo pic.

1969 Datsun 2000 convertible

River Shannon car ferry, Ireland, 1969


The busiest domestic ferry service in Ireland from Tarbert, County Kerry to Killimer, County Clare.  The first ferry was Shannon Heather built in Dartmouth in 1968, and introduced on 29 May 1969.