Thursday, October 30, 2014

from 1960 flat-bed Lambro 3-wheel bike to Tuk Tuk Campervan

and probably the world's smallest such van, a project that featured on the Channel 4 (UK) program "Amazing Spaces". Project website

Kona the bookstore cat

of Bound to be Read Books in Atlanta, Georgia, one of 44 US independent bookshops featured on this webpage.

Western Australian X class

Road number 1002. See earlier post.

MV 'Fraser Venture'

Fraser Island is off the coast of Queensland, north of the Sunshine Coast area.  This roll-on, roll-off ferry plies the water between River Heads/Hervey Bay on the mainland to Wanggoolba Creek on Fraser Island.

BNSF Railway 2015 calendar

We got a complimentary copy in the mail as we are a supporter. Copies are available for sale at a modest price from BNSF.

The unusual cover scene is a cut through basalt pillars on the Fallbridge Subdivision near Lyle, Washington. Photo credited to Mike Repp.

furniture removal van seen in Papua New Guinea


From a viral e-mail. As the accompanying caption said, "Try setting up this business in Australia, NZ, the UK, USA, etc. The Fun Police would be all over you."

'isn't it great having a transpress nz book each?'

Canadian Pacific 'Trans-Canada Limited'

This ran from Montréal to Vancouver. According to this webpage, the first train with this name appeared in 1907, then disappeared and reappeared in 1919. The Trans-Canada Limited was doomed by the Great Depression which struck after the Wall Street Crash of October 1929.  It operated one more season in 1930 and was discontinued, its equipment redistributed or stored.

1956 Fiat 1900 B(?)

With tigers and cone-shaped structures in the background.

wavy track at the Kisogawa Haguri Aichi railway bridge, Japan, 1893

The result of an earthquake.