Friday, July 1, 2016

which Muslim terrorist group committed the attack on Istanbul airport?

The Turkish government was swift to put the blame on ISIS, but ISIS has not been swift to claim responsibility, and given that Turkey's President Erdogan is a major ISIS benefactor, it wouldn't make a lot of sense.

Another Muslim terrorist group -- and the "religion of peace" has lots of them -- is more likely.

MSNBC article and video.

flight day, Switzerland, 1931

What nowadays would be called an airshow. On the Hallwiler Lake. "Passenger flights, acrobatics, parachute jumps into the water, sail flights." Although the name of a place, Meisterschwanden literally translates as "master disappearances"; fitting for things that dive into the lake?

Canadian Pacific passenger train passes through the Grand Canyon of the Fraser River promotional art

In British Columbia in steam days although the precise date isn't stated.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

West German V60 class diesel art

As featured on the cover of the 1963-64 Märklin catalog. An impressive total of 942 of the C type diesel-hydraulic shunters (switchers) were built between 1956 and 1964. Engine output was 480 kW (640 hp).

More info

1941 Plymouth promo

The cover and one of the internal pages of the promotional brochure;

'there's nothing like a book that you can feel'

not what it first seems

Someone has gone to a bit of trouble with this.  from a viral e-mail