Friday, March 6, 2015

Belgian SNCB diesel série 59 (type 201), 1950s, art

This diesel-electric Bo-Bo series comprised 55 units for use on the easy northern plains and the centre of the country. They were entirely built in Belgium by Cockerill, Baume & Marpent and Ateliers Métallurgiques of Nivelles. The diesel engine was a standard Hamilton, but built by Cockerill under license. The first unit was delivered in December 1954, and had green livery with yellow stripes with a big yellow star on its nose as shown.

Originally, the units had only two headlights whose color was determined by a color filter. It was only in 1971 that the lights were doubled on both ends with white and red lights on all the locos. During the 1960s, several inits were equipped with a third white light located above the windshield.

The Série 59 operated both passenger and freight trains. In 1984 they were taken out of passenger service, and most were decommissioned in the late 1980s. A dozen units, however, were kept in activity until 2002 when all were withdrawn, but some are preserved by the SNCB and associations.

This was a Märklin HO model (37271).

1971 Rover P6B V8

See earlier post.

1947 GMC Special Tractor Truck

Dunlop tyres advert featuring an Armstrong Whitworth Ensign, 1938

A total 14 of the Armstrong Whitworth Ensign 4-engine airliner were built in the late 1930s for Imperial Airways and could seat 40 passengers. They were designed for European and Asian routes, connecting with further seaplane flights to Australia and South Africa.

In WW2, they were used for transport duties to and from the Middle East. After the war they were offered for sale, but no buyers were forthcoming and they were scrapped.

cars by the Auckland Town Hall, late 1940s

Queen Street with the nearest part of Greys Avenue on the right later closed to form Aotea Square. A post-war Humber Hawk is in the centre and something from the 1920s is behind it.

great bus songs 8. - "Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?" by Bruce Springsteen

DC-9 advert, 1968

1969 Lambretta Lambro 550V delivery vehicle

As is obvious, the photo for September/October 1970 of this Lambretta calender.  Some info on the Lambro is here

Deutsche Bundesbahn, West Germany, class 23 steam locomotive

A total of 105 of this 2-6-2 type were built in the 1950s, intended for passenger trains. Builders were Henschel, Krupp, Jung and Maschinenfabrik Esslingen. All were withdrawn by 1976; 8 are preserved, 3 in Holland and 5 operational. Here, loco 23 007 is seen at Bengel in 1971 with 'Silberlinge' passenger cars. German wikipedia page

the beach tan lines of today

The result of everybody fiddling with their smartphones.  So sad...