Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Royal Carribbean cruise ship forced to turn back in a storm on a cruise to the Bahamas

a collapsed ceiling of the Anthem of the Seas

Travelers aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship are furious after the ship knowingly sailed into a massive nor'easter off the coast of South Carolina.

Royal Caribbean has decided to turn the ship around and go back to Newark, New Jersey as a new storm brewing off the coast of Florida threatens to put the Anthem of the Seas back through stomach-churning swells.

Passengers were forced to endure a 'horrendous' night of rocking as the ship made its way through the storm with hurricane-force winds.

Anthem of the Seas will turn around and sail back to Cape Liberty.

'This decision was made for guests' comfort due to weather forecasts.

'The forecast would likely have impacted original itinerary. We're also sensitive to what guests have already been through.

'We appreciate our guests’ patience and cooperation. We know it was tough day on Sunday apologize for their discomfort,' Royal Caribbean's coporate Twitter posted.

The cruise line has offered a full refund and 50 per cent off the passengers' next cruise.

Daily Mail (UK) article

tram crash animated gif

Somewhere in Europe.

for some light relief: a Muslim cleric on sex with goats and sheep

1913 Maxwell Model 40 Touring Car

a London double-deck bus explodes on Lambeth bridge - but this time not because of Muslims

It was for a scene that will appear in a Jackie Chan movie The Foreigner – which is currently in the production stage.

Onlookers poured scorn on the filmmaker’s choice of location, pointing out the scene’s similarity to the horror of the 7/7 bombings.

Author and Twitter user Sohpie Kinsella posted: “Hey film types, next time you blow up a bus on Lambeth bridge maybe tell us first so children in park aren’t freaked?”

Daily Mail (UK) article