Tuesday, August 4, 2015

streetcar in Springfield, Missouri, 1900s

Streetcars ended in this city in 1937, but there are proposals for them to return, a blog on the subject is here

This seems to be the same location as in the old postcard, a bar and grill called Trolley's is on the right...

on the Mexican Southern Railway between Oaxaca and Puebla, 1907

By the look of it, a passenger photo stop. The camera position will be exaggerating the actual gradient.

border patrol alert!

A 1952 Chevrolet missing the grille "teeth", the wheels and clearly several internal parts... (from a viral e-mail)

1950 Chevrolet convertible

(zoomgirls.net) (not safe for workplaces)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Bolmer Motor Car Company ambulance, Bound Brook, New Jersey, late 1910s

"Built around 1916, the historic Bolmer building was home to Bolmer Motor Car up to the 1970s.It was a dealership for early DeSoto's and Plymouth's in the late 1960s. The 2-story wood and steel frame brick building boasted a showroom on the second floor.
"In more recent years it served as a body shop, and municipal garage for the borough of Bound Brook. The floods of Hurricane Floyd in 1999 put this and other buildings nearby under almost 12 feet of water weakening the structure."

early transport in Bedford Corners, New York state

Just a year after the declaration of US independence. Presumably this shows an area of the town of Bedford.

1954 Daimler Conquest Century


1979 Lincoln Mark V

Clearly customized for low riding, not something we're into except as spectators, but for those who are: www.lowridermagazine.com

steam in rural Mexico, 1962

An NdeM train and nothing remarkable, except that there is clearly a second locomotive 5 freight cars back from the lead engine; was it two short trains joined, or was it weight spreading because of a weight limit on bridges?

which one is true?