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Alice Springs fire brigade vehicles, Australia, 1963

Air NZ DC-8-52

For more, see the book The Aircraft of Air New Zealand and affiliates since 1940

1965 VW Karmann Ghia

SS 'Orontes' of the Orient Line

This was a 20,097 grt liner built in 1929 by Vickers Armstrong Ltd at Barrow-in-Furness, England, with a length of 664 ft (202 metres) and a passenger capacity of 1,612. Installed power consisted of two steam turbines, 20,000 shaft horsepower (15,000 kW), with two screws (propellors).

The Orontes lasted until 1962 when she was scrapped at Valencia, Spain.


Southern Pacific depot, San Antonio, Texas, 1918

Opened in 1903 and still standing, now called the Sunset Station.

An article with lots of pics on the Texas Transportation Museum website

early view of the Flöibanen funicular in Bergen, Norway

See previous post.

map of Muslim conquest battles v. crusade battles in history

"In Europe over 580 Muslim slave raids, slaughters, looting, robbing and jihad attempts plagued the European countries and is the cause of the tragedies that continued into our current age in Eastern Europe.

"These relentless attacks destroyed the entire European Classical civilisation stretching for more than 1,000 years and forced Europe to rebuild itself.

"That was Islam’s contribution to Europe. [This is perhaps a little unfair; there is some interesting Moorish architecture in Spain]

"And how many 'brutal Christian crusades' were committed in defense against the constant stream of Muslim attacks and provocations? 17."