Tuesday, July 29, 2014

UAZ armored vehicle, Russia

Converting a normal light truck into a vehicle for use by frontier guards, anti-terrorist squads and mothers doing school runs... more here

20 years of trains through the 'Chunnel', England/France

The completion of the tunnel under the English Channel (as the British call it) or La Manche (as the French call it) was significant in both historic terms and in transport terms as it became possible to move passengers and freight by rail without involving a ship between the two countries for the first time.  At some 50 km and comprising two single track tunnels plus a third service tunnel, it was a substantial undertaking with inherent financial 'challenges' both during and following completion.  But it made a big difference to the time involved in travelling between London and Paris/Brussels.

This is a French issued 20th anniversary stamp from this year.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Polish parcel transport theme stamps, 1979

traffic in Cathedral Square, Christchurch, late 1950s

Obviously well after the trams had ceased.  For more, see our books.

'how much longer do we have to wait for this train you want a picture of?'

A tribulation rail enthusiasts will likely have experienced.

1969 Italia IMX

Plus a hood ornament :-) Produced by Intermeccanica of Turin, and distributed by Genser Forman of New Jersey, the Torino, later named Italia, was a low production volume sports car of the late 1960s, with sales around the 100 to 120 cars per year level. These cars were Ford V8 powered, with Ford running gear. Presented at the 1969 Turin Automobile Show, was this modified Italia, which conformed to Italian requirements and added a few features such as a rear movable airfoil. It remained a prototype.

traffic in Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota circa 1900

1930 Cord L 29 4-door sedan

San Sebastian, Spain, car race poster, 1930

'a transpress nz book is a real help to study'