Thursday, October 23, 2014

Goulburn, NSW, railyard circa 1910

Pronounced "Golbin", on the main route between Sydney and Melbourne.

and now, murderous Muslim mayhem in Ottawa, Canada

Clearly, this so-called 'religion of peace' has become a magnet for violent nutcases in civilised as well as backward countries. Expect it to get worse in future :-(

News report...

Canada under lockdown after Ottawa shootings

TORONTO – Several government buildings across Canada were placed on lockdown following three separate shooting incidents in Ottawa.

Parliament Hill and several buildings in and around the Ottawa area were put on lockdown after at least one gunman opened fire at the War Memorial and inside the Hill.

All buildings in Ottawa’s downtown core were placed under mandatory police lockdown. Schools in the area, including University of Ottawa were also placed on lockdown or a hold and secure procedure.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New York Central Ten-Wheelers

A promo photo of four New York Central F12 class 4-6-0 steam locomotives with their assigned commuter trains at Yorktown Heights, New York, on 8 September 1951.  Some nice detailed HO scale model views are on this webpage.

1955 Ford Courier

Muslim nut shot dead by police in Canada after running down two soldiers in a parking lot

Québec provincial police cars and the wreckage of car driven by a Muslim man who ran down two soldiers in the parking lot of a shopping center in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Police shot the suspect following a chase. One of the soldiers is fighting for his life and the other suffered minor injuries.

The Muslim called 911 during the chase to say that he carried out his acts in the name of Allah. More

Pleasant Point railyard near Timaru, 1900s

Looking west, the station out of view to the right.  This was on the old Fairlie Branch; when that was closed in 1968 a short 2.5 km section including the station here was turned into a railway museum. For more, see our books.

electric commuter train dance party, Perth, Australia

Wellington wharves, 1922, art

Part of a painting entitled "Smoke, Steam and a 7.30 Start" by the late D.R. Neilson.  The original photo the painting is based on is in the book Wellington: a Capital century

bizarre road markings

which make you wonder what the person responsible was smoking...
(from a viral e-mail)

1955 AMC Rambler Cross Country