Friday, July 29, 2016

the Mountain Goat

A Bedford OB bus which picked up passengers at Windermere Railway station and took them to Ambleside and then Kirkstone Pass Inn, the third highest pub in England. The Inn was owned and operated by Wallace Trickett's family in the 1960's and was very popular with tourists, hikers and backpackers. It is still there today.

An oil on canvas panel painting by Wallace Trickett, 2016.

traffic in Reading, England, mid-1960s

Broad Street looking east, now a pedestrian zone.  One of us lived here in 1980; the building at the right with the oblong roof was Lloyds Bank, it may still be.

The trolley buses disappeared in November 1968.

Rocky Mountaineer publicity photo, Canada

Next to the Bow River near Lake Louise? The locos look like GP38's.  The livery has changed slightly since this pic was taken.

This upmarket tourist train takes passengers over four routes in British Columbia, and across the borders to Seattle and Banff in Alberta.

flying low by TWA over the Grand Canyon poster, circa 1950

Probably a view depicted en route to/from Las Vegas from a Lockheed L-749A Constellation

1949 Packard advert

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Coventry, England, 1950s bus art

German SEK commando unit smashes into a Salafist mosque and homes in the latest raid on Muslim terrorists