Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1959 Chevrolet - the Bat(wing)mobile

4-door sedan
2-door hardtop

The Impala was introduced as a variant of the Bel Air in 1958; the following year it became its own model. The 1959 Impala was longer and wider and is best known for its wild "bat wing" tail fins at the rear plus the "cat's eye" tail lamps, and a huge deck lid. The 1959 Impala also gained an increase in horsepower with the availability of a fuel injected 283 (4.64 litre) V8 engine with 335 hp. The overall length was 211 inches (5.36 metres) with a width of 80 inches. The 4-door sedan had a weight of 3620 lbs (1,646 kg).

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