Monday, April 18, 2011

1977 Dodge Charger SE Midnight edition

Featuring Patti McGuire (born 1951), a Playboy model of the time.  This was getting near the end of Dodge's Charger nameplate which by then was losing its zest and the following year it was dropped although it was resurrected from time to time.

The Charger SE (special edition) had a lot of standard equipment and a standard 360 two-barrel engine, which produced 180 horsepower net with its standard two barrel carburetor. New features for the 1977 year included a high-efficiency, low-slip torque converter, new wire terminal system, double-contact starter relay, upgraded batteries, and weight losses from changes such as aluminum transmission cases (manual) and lighter fans. Radios, including those with tape decks and CBs, were built by the Huntsville Electronics Division. Specific Charger changes included bucket seats with thinner backs to increase passenger space, new colours, door-mounted courtesy lights, and recessed armrests.  The Charger SE managed a little over 36,000 sales that year.

Other specifications
Wheelbase 115” (2.92 metres)
Length 216" (5.59 metres)
Height 52"(1.32 metres)
Weight 3,786 lb (1.72 tonnes)
Turning circle 41.1 feet (12.6 metres)


Anonymous said...

too busy looking at girl

transpressnz said...

she got one of them as part of her Playboy remuneration.