Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Austin A35 Pick-up, 1956-1957

What could you practically use a pick-up or - as they are called in A/NZ - a ute, with this amount of cargo capacity for? Only 475 of them were made over the two years mentioned, so evidently few people decided they served a useful role. Of course, the survivors are highly prized today.  Second pic from www.classic-car-co.uk ; see also this article on the NZ Classic Car website

Key specifications: 
Engine 948 cc 34 bhp at 4,750 rpm
Max torque 50lbs/ft at 2,000 rpm
Length 11ft 4.4in. (3.47 metres) Width 4ft 7.1in. (1.4 metres) Height 4ft 11.3in (1.5 metres)
Wheelbase 6ft 7.5in  (2 metres) Track front 3ft 9.2in rear 3ft 8.8in

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