Friday, April 15, 2011

Pennsylvania Railroad 7002

A painting of an Atlantic 4-4-2 type steam locomotive, class E7s of the PRR. Originally number 8063, it was renumbered 7002 after the original, a notable high speed locomotive (believed to have been 70–80 miles per hour or 110–130 km/h), was scrapped. It was used during the 1980s on the Strasburg Railroad (museum) and is now in the RR Museum of Pennsylvania. (pic from

Built: 1902 at Altoona Works
Driver diameter 80 in (2.032 metres)
Length 68 ft 6 in (20.9 metres)
Weight on drivers 127,200 lb (57.7 tonnes)
Locomotive weight 175,400 lb (79.6 tonnes)
Boiler pressure 205 psi (1,413 kPa)
Heating surface:
Firebox 187 sq ft (17 m2)
Superheater area 412 sq ft (38 m2)
Tractive effort 27,419 lbf (122 kN)

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