Wednesday, September 26, 2012

early Leyland tip-truck, 1910s

Freshly arrived from the 'mother country' and emblazoned with both the name of the manufacturer and the customer, a Leyland truck is seen on Wellington wharves after being unloaded and prior to being driven 100 miles (160 km) north over rather basic and steep roads.  Not dated but probably circa WW1.  According to the lettering this was the Palmerston North Borough Council's second truck!

Is the gentleman a local representative of the manufacturer, or someone from the Palmerston North council keen to demonstate to the locals what their new machine will do?

For more scenes like this, see the book Wellington: a Capital Century.

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Doug Wheeler said...

The radiator design and mounting would indicate it's construction at about 1920-21. This radiator is bolted directly to the chassis where as the earlier model was attached to the chassis by round
trucheons out from the sides of the radiator. The earier radiator ( as used in WW1) was taller with a bonnet then folding about 2/3 way up the side panel.
Leyland's of both these models are being restored by us.
A nice set of photos all the same.
Doug Wheeler