Wednesday, August 26, 2015

1947 Saab Ursaab

Another car with notable fastback styling.
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According to the Saab Museum website:

"The Swedish Ur best translates as original, and Ursaab was the Saab’s first prototype automobile.
"Project 92, so-called as numbers 90 and 91 had already been assigned to civilian aircraft, was agreed in 1945. Saab had decided that, with the Second World War drawing to a close, there would be a need to diversify away from military aircraft. Ideas included motorcycles, cars, commercial vehicles and even fitted kitchens! Other Swedish companies, however, had the motorcycle market sewn up, Volvo already produced cars, and trucks were manufactured by Scania-Vabis. A Saab had to be the right size, type, construction and price – a small, affordable car. Thus, Saab had found its niche."

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