Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Victorian Railways T class diesel-electric

Low nose unit T390.
A total 93 of these Bo-Bo type were produced in batches by Clyde Engineering in Granville, NSW, between 1955 and 1968 and numbered T320 to T412. They were in effect the EMD G8 type, powered by an EMD 567 prime mover, although only the first 25 were the standard design -- the "flat top" -- the rest had a cab raised above the hoods and the last 51 had lower short hoods. Of these the last five were built with an extra 10 tonnes of ballast weight for improved adhesion and low speed controls for use as shunting locomotives in Melbourne. These were reclassified as the H class shortly after being delivered.

In July 1969 an additional "flat top" unit was bought second hand from Australian Portland Cement who had ordered it for use at its narrow gauge Fyansford Cement Works Railway, Geelong in 1956. This was numbered T413. Another, T414, came from BHP used at their Iron Knob and Whyalla Steelworks; it was built in November 1956 as DE02.

In 1984-1985 Martin & King of Somerton, Melbourne, rebuilt 13 "flat tops" as P class locomotives. This involved a new cab and carbody, replacing the EMD 8-567C engine with an EMD 8-645E, replacement of the main generator and traction motors, and provision of a separate head end power generator.

The majority of them still exist; only 34 have been scrapped.

(info condensed from wikipedia)

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