Tuesday, March 28, 2017

British Railways class 5MT portrait

See earlier post.

Saudi Arabia: panel of 'scientists' admits women are mammals, yet 'not human'

Riyadh -- In an unprecedented ruling, a panel of Saudi scientists has concluded that women are actually mammals, granting them the same rights as other mammal species such as camels, dromedaries and even goats.

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More 'Muslim science'.  As stated, the disturbing aspect of this kingdom of inbred defective retards is that their crazy Wahhabist notions are not only responsible for creating Muslim extremists and terrorists in their own country, but around the world.

VW Transporter sidecar

From the Ural Sidecar Motorcycles FB page.  See the book 50 Years of Volkswagens in NZ for more.

Alco Century 415 switcher

A total of 26 of this Bo-Bo type were built between 1966 and 1968.

"The C415 was equipped with a raised cab mounted slightly off-center, with a lower, narrower hood on either side. The longer one contained the diesel engine, a 1,500 hp (1.1 MW) eight-cylinder turbocharged Alco 251-F, while the shorter contained auxiliaries. The C415 could be ordered with three different cab heights; a low one for minimum clearances, a regular height one, and an extra-height one for maximum visibility."

"Trucks fitted were either Type B road trucks or ALCo Hi-Ad (high adhesion)."

The pic shows one of the 10 that SP bought and is listed as being preserved.  More

Strasbourg air show poster, 1924

'but a transpress nz book is really hard to find'

1939 Renault Primaquatre-Sport

The model was produced from 1931 to 1941. "The last Primaquatre was the Primaquatre Sport (Type BDS2) with the 2.4-litre engine, but with 56 PS (41 kW; 55 hp), type BDF2 receive the engine too of 62 PS (46 kW; 61 hp). One final technical enhancement came in 1940 when Lockheed hydraulic brakes replaced the cable brakes specified for the original design." More

1957 Morris Minor brochure art

See the book The New Zealand Morris Minor story.

small cargo ship in Amsterdam, 1960s

The name not legible.  Perhaps this was used for short coastal voyages?

Monday, March 27, 2017

1969 Ford Torino ad

1968 Chevrolet El Camino SS

The SS stood for 'super sports'.

when a train collides with a UFO – Kentucky, January 2002

A train colliding with a vehicle on a grade crossing is a daily occurrence in America, but this case was rather different:

It was a cold Winter's night back in 2002, January 14, when a CSX Train which was pulling a 16,000-ton line of coal and freight cars from Russell to Shelbiana, Kentucky, that it had an encounter with something completely ‘unexplained’ and had destructive consequences!
Near milepost 42 the double track was running beside the Big Sandy River and a cliff face carved out of the mountainside to provide room for the tracks, when out of nowhere at 2.47 am that the Conductor at the time saw some strange lights up ahead when approaching a tight bend in the rail tracks.
Guessing that it was just another train up ahead, the conductor flashed the trains lights and blew the horn as a warning to the ‘apparent’ vehicle up ahead.
BUT this event went VERY strange all of a sudden, and the train experienced some kind of intermittent electricity power cut, and the diesel engines of both locomotives suddenly died! The proximity alarm then began to scream out into the winter’s night.  The train crew looked out again at the front of the train and saw a VERY unusual sight – Hovering over the river and the tracks were a group of ‘unidentifiable objects’.
The crew described the objects as ‘metallic’ in appearance, with multiple coloured lights on both the bottom and middle section of the craft (please see image above!).  The objects all appeared to have some kind of search lights looking ahead of them.
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Sunday, March 26, 2017

1977 Lincoln Continental ad

1975 Cadillac Eldorado coupe

Western Pacific FP7 unit 805-A with the 'California Zephyr'

Seen in 1969, retired in 1972, now preserved - info.  Those boxcars look interesting.

1974 Cadillac promotional material

the 'Clyde' paddlesteamer at Balclutha on the Clutha River

This was 130 gross tons and in service on the Clutha River from 1901 to 1922.

According to a report in the Otago Daily Times of 9 December 1914:-
Some consternation was caused in Balclutha yesterday when the news was heard that the Clutha River Board's paddle steamer Clyde had sunk during the night at her moorings at the upper landing in Balclutha, off William street. Up to the present the cause of the mishap is a mystery.

According to custom, the steamer, after being loaded at the jetty near the railway yard, was brought up river to the upper landing on Monday, this course being always adopted so as to ensure no loss of time in the run to Clydevale and the other districts up-river served by the boats.
Under ordinary circumstances the boat would have left on the up-river run at 8 o'clock this morning. All was well when Captain Butler and the boat's crew departed for their homes last evening.
Only one of the crew, the fireman (Mark Hansen) slept on the boat when she was in Balclutha. On this member being approached to-day he said that he went to bed on Monday night about 11 o'clock, when everything appeared to be as usual.
About 2 o'clock this morning he was awakened by hearing plates falling in the galley, and leaving his bunk to investigate, he discovered that water was rushing into his cabin. The steamer had a heavy list, and when the fireman hurriedly emerged from the cabin he tumbled into the river, from which he safely emerged, and ran to alarm Captain Butler, who resides about half a mile away.
It was obvious to the captain and fireman on returning that nothing could then be done to right the boat. She had a heavy list to starboard, and her keel was resting on the rocks at the bed of the river, the mooring ropes holding her in that position.

trams in the Plaza de Espana, Zaragoza, Spain, 1960s

Two types. See earlier post.

Rio Grande freight train at Mojave, California, 1993

With a pair of SD40T-2's up front.

Friday, March 24, 2017

1960 Buick Invicta 2-door hardtop

Burlington Northern GP39-2

On the front of what could be a train of woodchips, close to the US-Canadian border at Laurier, Washington, circa 1990.

1952 Ford Prefect hot rod


1937 Talbot Lago scale model

Unsurprisingly, the 1937 goutte d'eau (teardrop) is highly regarded by classic car afficionados and the few examples in the world are worth lots.  But there is this much more affordable diecast model to appreciate.

Webpage with more pics and info

the Muslim responsible for yesterday's terror attack in London had a string of convictions including grievious bodily harm

The Muslim hired a Hyundai Tucson from this Birmingham rental car business for his rampage.
A Muslima walks past a victim checking her phone -- no doubt a derogatory message on the Muslims' social media about 'kuffar' and praising the attack.

The British-born jihadist was a middle-aged criminal called Khalid Masood.

British police have arrested more Muslim terrorist suspects following raids in Birmingham.

Daily Mail (UK) story

Who's surprised by any of it?

Inca reed boat on Lake Titicaca, Peru

narrow gauge tin concentrate flat car, Llallagua, Bolivia, 1926

Thursday, March 23, 2017

1950 Talbot Lago Grand Sport T26


FS class 743 2-8-0, Italy

"Initially members of the 740 class, in 1942, five (numbers 339, 367, 392, 396 and 405), were rebuilt with a Franco-Crosti boiler, and fitted with a streamlined casing (more for aesthetical reasons than for any aerodynamic advantages). In 1951 these locomotives (with the casing removed) were renumbered into the FS Class 743, and 88 more were rebuilt until 1953. 

"A modified version, with a single pre-heater under the boiler (instead of two placed alongside it), was classified as FS Class 741, and 81 of them were rebuilt between 1958 and 1960."


1970s Skoda 110 L

"Oh, darling, you've bought this lot for our dream house?"
"No, I just thought we could have some fun on the grass."

tram and car in Prague, Austro-Hungarian empire, circa 1910

It can't really be called Czechoslovakia since that didn't come into existence until after WW1. In the background is the Týn church.

1956 Hillman Husky

Not an obvious candidate for some badass treatment :-)

Warsaw tram and diesel bus, 1974

No snow, but it looks cold and clammy weather.

London gets its turn for an 'allahu akbar' attack

The toll so far from this one, which happened on Westminster Bridge and then outside Parliament: five dead including a policeman and the Muslim (in the picture) plus several with 'catastrophic injuries'.

Illustrated story

1966 Ford Country Squire